We want to show you what we do and how we do it bearing in mind our mission, ethics, commitment, and institutional improvement.

Accountability and transparency contribute to different purposes. On the one hand, they contribute to improve our ability to anticipate, this being the continuous analysis of our praxis, and by doing so, we make a greater social impact with our actions. It adds value to them, to the point that they could even be perceived as “good practices” that encourage their emulation and dissemination.

On the other hand, it is a way of getting all the social agents that contribute with Women’s Reintegration Program involved, so it keeps growing.

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PRM Grants

The annual budget of PRM’s project is 166,675 €. The line items are distributed as follows:

Funding Structure

Almost a 100% of the program’s funding comes from the public, local, regional, and autonomous administrations. The most important funding is the one received during the schedule call, which is managed by the Generalitat Valenciana and funded by the European Union, from the European Social Fund. The line item granted comes to 60,000€ per year, and it is specially aimed at facing all the expenses that allow that a proper accompanying work is ensured to facilitate the students’ employment.

The distribution of the funding PRM received by the different administrations is shown in the following graphic:

Social European Fund: “Comprehensive Schedules for a Socio-occupational Integration”. The Social European Fund is one of the European Union’s Structural Funds, created in 1957 to promote employment and the development of human resources in all EU countries.

To promote social inclusion and fight against poverty or any other form of discrimination is one of the 11 thematic objectives of the European Social Fund. Connected to this objective is the European Social Fund Regulation, which stipulates that at least a 20% of the ESF’s provision should be allocated to promote social inclusion and fighting poverty.

In the Valencian Community, the European Social Fund cofinances the European Social Fund Operational Program of 2014-2020, by means of the Conselleria de Igualdad and Inclusive Policies. The main objective of the grant “Comprehensive itineraries for the socio-occupational insertion of socially excluded people, or people at risk of social exclusion” is to promote social inclusion and fight against poverty and any type of discrimination. It also aims to promote equality of opportunities, active involvement and the improvement of the possibilities of finding a job. The objective is improving the socio-occupational insertion of socially excluded people or people at risk of social exclusion, by means of an active involvement and comprehensive and customized insertion schedules.

The Generalitat Valenciana exercises by means of the general management and with social inclusion as one of its responsibilities, the monitoring of the subsidies allocated to the promotion of social inclusion, and the improvement of the quality of employability for the most vulnerable groups or for those at risk of social exclusion.

  • Grants allocated to the implementation of projects aimed at the social insertion of immigrants for the 2015 tax year.
  • Grants allocated to the development of social services programs specialized in women at risk of social exclusion.
  • A subsidy for the funding of interventions on the field of community action.

Provincial Council of Alicante.

The City Council of Alicante by means of the Department of Social Affairs and the Department of Citizenship Participation.

Other: La Caixa office.

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