All this work would not be possible without a multidisciplinary team that works on those two broad areas: the comprehensive training in the clothing sector, and the employment counseling and improvement of social and personal skills.

To make it happen we rely on a team with an extensive training in the clothing sector, and a social sector consisting of a multidisciplinary team.



  • Technical and Economic Project Manager.
  • Institutional relations and work team coordination.
  • Link between PRM and A PUNTADAS Social Enterprise projects.
  • Agreements negotiations with Public Administrations and Private Entities.
  • Responsible for the project professionals team.


  • Responsible for theoretical and practical training in the workshops.
  • Evaluation of the training status and level of professional skills of the students.
  • Students motivation and positive reinforcement of their professional abilities.
  • Coordination with the A Puntadas Head of Production to monitor the evolution of each student in training and their NLP (Non-Labour Practices).
  • Coordination with the Social Area team for monitoring and evaluation of each student.


  • Support to the market technique in the design of new garments for the Malas Meninas collections


  • Preparation of the permanent market and retail position
  • Search for alternative markets
  • Collections design and production for alternative markets
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) learning oriented to the relationship with suppliers, customers, advertising and marketing


  • Students selection through a selected interview.
  • Design of Individualized Intervention Plans and Insertion Itineraries in coordination with the Social Services in each City Council.
  • Documentation preparation and reports necessary for the grant and justification of the project before the agencies involved.
  • Coordination with resources of the social assistance network.
  • Individual and group social monitoring
  • Motivation and reinforcement to the programs beneficiaries
  • Market technique training, monitoring and supervision
  • Minutes management, scholarships, assistance, transportation...


  • Psychosocial support to the students in the different workshops
  • Train and influence the expansion of socio-labor skills; TBAE, Access to Employment Resources and management and updating in new technologies.
  • Group preparation workshops aimed at improving personal, social and work skills
  • Women in the flat monitoring and control. Development of internal dynamics
  • Preparation and accompaniment in the therapeutic exits of inmates


  • Accompaniment in the final students labor insertion
  • Prospecting of companies and organizations susceptible to incorporating students into their job board.
  • Establishment of specific agreements for the real labor insertion of women after completing their training itinerary.
  • Subsequent follow-up, once the labor insertion is achieved, to guarantee their success and accompaniment for the resolution of personal incidents.


  • Psychosocial intervention of the students in the workshops at the Psychiatric Hospital of Foncalent and Miguel Hernández Social Insertion Center
  • Accompaniment and psychosocial intervention users at the host flat.
  • Preparation and accompaniment in the inmates therapeutic exits.