What is PRM: Mission and values

PRM- Women’s Reinsertion Program (WRP) is a nonprofit association created in the Valencian Community in 2007. It aims to work for the sake of the social insertion and employability of people at risk of social exclusion.

We currently offer a specialized professional training in the clothing sector at our workshops, along with employment counseling workshops. All with the aim of providing the recipients with a comprehensive training, that includes a psychosocial monitoring as well as the development of a customized employability schedule.

Our aim is to go farther than the regular training workshops, offering that service during the schedule but mainly focusing on getting our program’s recipients a stable job.


To improve people’s quality of life by means of training and the acquiring of a stable job.

In order to do it, we develop customized schedules taking into account the distinctive nature and features of each member’s current situation.


Equality in opportunities of rights, equity and participation.

In PRM we believe that each person has the ability to improve their situation and therefore their quality of life, regardless of their nationality, sex, age…

The respect and acceptance of the person.

To overcome prejudices rooted on predetermined ideas and lack of value judgments about the person and their resources, motivations and necessities.

The support of the person,

so this one is provided with the necessary resources to be independent, and accomplish their own goals without relying on external agents or elements.

Extensive monitoring.

We perceive the recipients as a whole unit that encompasses their potential abilities and the multiple internal and external elements that surround the person.

The goal of the program is to improve the students’ participation and responsibility in the processes that aim to change their current situation.

Autonomy and self-determination. Aiming to be perceived as an active subject whose own future is dependent on their responsibility and effort instead of a passive subject alien to the development of their life history.

The Multidisciplinary and Professional Collaboration.

Departing from an extensive monitoring as another of the values that identify us, we believe in the necessity of a multidisciplinary intervention, and in the support of the professionals who participate in this intervention with the recipients in a proactive, constructive, and solidary way.