Area of activity

They are the places where we work and from where we help the population of our closest Autonomous Regions, working therefore at a national level.

The purpose is to offer a helping hand to a greater number of our program’s recipients.

Registered Office of Alicante
Parque Empresarial of Elche
Penitentiary Institutions

Registered Office of Alicante

The program is linked to the city of Alicante since our inception, and our shelter house and one of our registered offices are placed there. Placing our registered office in Alicante was a strategic move, made because of the city’s location, social network and existing vulnerable groups.

The registered office is a meeting place where all of our programs take place, together with one of the most important and symbolic ceremonies of our organization: the holding of the General Assemblies, as well as other administrative and functional managements.

Thanks to the Registered Office of Alicante, our clothing sector training programs have grown to become today’s successful socio-occupational integration workshops. The initial goal was to be known and it the reason why other towns of the province of Alicante collaborate with our association in the present day.

Parque Empresarial of Elche

The clothing sector training and the employment counseling workshop offered to women and men from the province of Alicante take place in the Parque Empresarial of Elche (8, Guillermo Marconi St.).

It is a facility of approximately 4590 ft gave up in 2013 by the Juan Perán Pikolinos Foundation. It is located in the Parque Empresarial of Elche, where more than 321 companies are placed; most of them specializing in marketing, footwear and clothing production. Here is also placed the Social Insertion Company A Puntadas.

This space is considered to better meet the workshop necessities due to its location next to the Insertion Company. It offers the students the chance of familiarizing with a clothing sector workshop with a very diverse manufacturing. Also, during the last two months of training, A Puntadas carries out an internship.

The facility has different areas for the trainings to take place. The workshop with industrial machines (sewing, thread trimming, coating, overlock sewing machines), an ironing and cutting area, and the classroom where the clothing sector training takes place.

The latter is an open workshop, meaning it does not have a starting or a closing date. It has a maximum capacity of 15 people.

Penitenciary Institutions

Jail is one of the most restrictive places to be and it has significant implications, especially when the person has to face coming out of it, as they find themselves in a serious social disadvantage.

In 2007 PRM starts working in the Penitentiary institution of Villena, so it has an extensive background in this field. It is here, in Fontcalent, where the clothing sector and employment counseling workshops take place.

Employment is still the main objective, as its access is an essential step in their path to social insertion. Also, this work aims to prevent, intervene and solve daily life issues, such as stress and conflicts that may affect the future employment.

In addition, basic training methods and employment counseling are considered in order to gain the necessary knowledge, and perform accordingly with the job’s requirements.

The programs carried out in the Penitentiary Center of Fontcalent are annual programs. They are open groups without a starting or a closing date that the users can gradually join.