Clothing Sector

The set of goals for our workshops’ training:

  • To provide with a comprehensive training in the clothing sector.
  • To familiarize the users with clothing sector companies by means of non-professional practices at the Social Company “A Puntadas”.
  • To increase employability in the clothing sector focusing on their own work, in addition to the work corresponding to others (self-employment and entrepreneurship).
  • To carry out a cross-cutting involvement from a psychosocial perspective in all the necessary areas to allow for employability (support social networks, responsible and healthy lifestyles, among others).

Employment Counseling

The set goals of the social department’s intervention are:

  • To develop basic socio-occupational abilities that favor social inclusion and increase both women and men’s employment possibilities.
  • To carry out a cross-cutting involvement from a psychosocial perspective in all the necessary areas to allow for reinsertion: employment, support social networks, responsible and healthy lifestyles.
  • To provide a stable job within a regular company that matches the user’s training, preferences and expectations.

Shelter House

The main purpose of PMR’s shelter house is to accommodate socially excluded women that carry out a socio-occupational insertion schedule at PMR.

The place is mainly intended for women from other countries or the victims of gender-based violence in a position of vulnerability that wish to join any of our workshops.

It is a temporal establishment until the person finds a job and earns an independent income.

The shelter house also works as a day centre, as a place to stay for the inmates during their weekend permits, and for long stays for women on their third grade regime.

Market Project

The Market Project is created around mid-2014 as an opportunity of learning about the market and sales, in addition to the clothing sector training.

In 2015 a stand was opened at the Municipal Market of Alicante, and by the end of 2016 alternative markets and pop up stores started being carried out.

The women of our programs get in touch with marketing and are professionally trained in the business sector (stocktaking, sales control, computer software and social media management), under the supervision of the marketing coordinator. They make their own decisions and create the collections that will later be sold in these markets.

The position goes hand in hand with the clothing sector training done at our workshop. The combination is ideal to address the whole creation process: from the product’s idea, design and production to its retail sale.

Entrepreneurship becomes available for women who work as market technicians. This is possible thanks to their schedule, which plans for them to learn to manage a small business once the skills for its correct management are acquired, contacting with suppliers or learning about customer service, among others.

In addition, PRM can provide with microcredits through the banking institution La Caixa, so women who are eager and interested in entrepreneurship are able to develop and start their own business. This funding method is a good way for our program’s recipients of getting access to credit.

Employment Agency

Since its inception in 2007, our association has been deeply involved in the counseling and employment of the people that took part in the project. We are deeply committed to the cornerstone of our program: employment counseling and mediation.

To be part of the Employment Agencies network allow us to keep working on our aim in collaboration with the Employment Public Services. We carry out labor intermediation work that aims to provide the people joining our program with jobs that suit their features; at the same time we facilitate the employers with the most hardworking people that meet their requirements and needs.

The purpose is familiarizing people with the necessary tools for an Active Search of Employment and guide them in the insertion process, at the same time the labor intermediation service is offered to those companies looking to cover positions free of charge.

The services offered by PRM-Placement Agency can be summed up in the following ones:

  1. To establish contact among people that are actively job hunting and companies that demand workers to cover their staff necessities.
  2. To do the candidates preselection among the registered people in our data base.
  3. To check out the availability and acceptance of the working conditions of the preselected people, handing curriculums to be checked by the employer, counseling them through the whole process, and monitoring of the employment in the event of such happening.

The requirements for the application in the Placement Agency are:

  • To be registered as jobseekers in Servef.
  • To be available for job-hunting.

You can make an appointment: